We’ve been getting so many requests for our teaching history that Alicia and I dug up some pictures of the different stages of teaching the Pleasure Course.  It would take a book to cover it all (and there probably will be a book) but for now this is a snapshot of the 4 phases of my teaching career.

The first picture (of the four above) is the first Pleasure Course in 1995 held in Berkeley CA. taught by myself and my girlfriend Nicky… in our bedroom believe it or not!.  The enterprise was called The Community Experience.  My best friend and business partner Jerry is the one in the glasses in the forefront.  He recently died a tragic early death.  I miss him.

The upper right-hand corner picture is about year 2000 when I taught the Pleasure Course with a truly amazing woman named Julie.  This was a particularly wild time where lunch tended to turn into a food orgy and it wasn’t uncommon for us to come out after lunch to restart the Pleasure Course and find participants in various states of undress.  We went with the flow and invented a game where we grouped people together and whichever group came up with the sexiest scene of how to eat lunch won.  You may be able to imagine how that looked.  If you catch me at a cocktail party, with a little persuasion I’ll show you some of those pics!

The lower left corner picture is me teaching with Nicole Daedone in 2003 after I stroked her for her first one-hour demonstration of Extended Orgasm.  The guy in the left of the frame is Ray Vetterlein, longtime student of Vic Baranco and More University.  Ray had a profound understanding and ability in regard to Extended Orgasm.  I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.  Although I had been teaching extended orgasm for most of the decade prior, he took me to a whole new level.  This period was an exciting and dramatic ride, running two communal houses in Brisbane and navigating my relationship with Nicole.

The 4th phase was and is the best!  Fortunately, it has been the longest, lasting from 2003 to the present!  Everything I had learned came together in the relationship I had been waiting for.  A miracle for me and I owe it all to my wife, Alicia!  The teaching shifted from being primarily about Spirit, Psychology and sex (Extended Orgasm) to being about how to apply all those toward getting into and sustaining a relationship that gets more and more intimate and turned on over time.  The community around the Pleasure Course grew dramatically.  In the picture in the lower right we are supporting our close friend and student Kerry. Alicia and I have been together for 15 years, we recently had a beautiful son, Aeden, our love life still rocks and Alicia’s Extended Orgasm is better than ever!