The romantic and intimate relationships we form with other people are essential to our mental and emotional well-being, and really, our survival. For singles, dating and courting can be challenging if you can’t connect with the right person. Relationships get stale if they are not tended to.

Even with the best intentions, it is difficult to develop the skills, practice, and awareness on our own without guidance.

Create the Relationship of your Dreams

Since 1995 Erwan Davon – who was joined by Alicia Davon in 2003 – have been working successfully with singles and couples teaching their signature process, the Davon Method. They have impacted thousands of students from around the world in groups, individual coaching, workshops, and programs helping them create the relationships of their dreams.

Erwan and Alicia are masters at providing a safe, fun, and confidential environment where everyone learns at their own pace and comfort level.

They share a passion for teaching, facilitating, and transformation. Their approach helps singles and couples to find, build, and revitalize the relationship of their dreams.

Leading romance AND intimacy coaches

Erwan and Alicia Davon are the world’s pre-eminent coaches on romance and intimacy and have guided thousands of students on their relationship journey, helping them find their passion and purpose in dating and relating.

They successfully coach their students to find and maintain a deep sense of connection to themselves and to their partners resulting in thriving bonds.

We all have the potential to be met in the relationship of our desire by attaining a higher level of understanding, skills, and action.

To achieve relationship mastery, we must become open to the possibility, learn the tools, and practice the process. Mastery is available to anyone and everyone. There are no prerequisites.

Thank you SO much. I loved the Pleasure Course and feel uniquely qualified to say it was the perfect place for me. I’m still high. I walk with and feel more energy. I feel turned on in unexpected moments lately and I feel like I am so much love to give. I feel clarity. Lots and lots of clarity. Thank you for your generosity, your expertise, the care offered the entire weekend and your love.


E&A, we love you so much for guiding us through this process. Kels and I are more loving and intimate than I have ever experienced. And our sexing is totally off the charts. Thank you so much.


I acknowledge you both for creating the most sophisticated personal development organizations I’ve ever participated with, one that has had me emerge into greatness like I have never experienced and will continue to do so and share.


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