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Erwan Davon Teachings provides a pathway to the high-vibe, passionate, romantic, and lasting relationships we all crave. The Davon Method, a groundbreaking process we teach both online and offline, is the result of working with thousands of singles and couples over the course of 25 years.  

We support singles & couples in creating what we call an Eternal Date, which is a relationship that reaches higher and higher peaks of intimacy, sexual attraction and soul connection.  As a married couple that has supported over 10,000 people since 1995 we’ve become the go to place for all things romantic and sexual in Northern California.  We are based in San Francisco and support people online all over the world who want a high end or boutique approach to their love life.


So many of us have a good sense of what it takes to be successful in our worldly endeavors from the education we choose to how we navigate our professional life, our careers, our businesses, our investments. What if we applied the same level of mastery to our romantic relationships? What if having the relationship we always wanted is also a question of learning and practicing, of gaining insight, taking risks and applying yourself, working with the best? And what if anyone can do it?

We have demonstrated many times over that a vibrant, sexy, romantic relationship can be discovered or rekindled or sustained. Reliably, consistently and permanently. This is our message.


Since 1995 we have been at the forefront of exploring and practicing a new relationship paradigm and have been deeply involved in many of the most progressive approaches that have ever been explored.

We take from that the most transformational realizations and the many profound practices to share with you both online and offline.

We work with couples and singles in groups and individually, who are determined to make love, intimacy, and romance a highly fulfilling and rewarding part of their life experience.

People that engage with Erwan Davon Teachings are people who desire and aspire to be as – or even more – successful in relationship as they are in other areas of their life


As within any domain, mastery is a process of understanding and practice – yet the knowledge of intimacy, the sources of joy and self-awareness – skillful communication and the ability to touch consciously do not nearly receive the attention that we give our education, professional development, wealth building, or even physical health.

And that even though many of us dream and believe in the potential of enduring relationships, family, children, sexual fulfillment, adventure, passion, and accomplishment.

Authentic romantic skills are for most of us not part of our cultural endowment. Add to that challenges of trauma, bad relationships, misinformation, and puritan conditioning – and we can easily see why relationships can be tough.

This does not have to be so.


Over our lifetime as coaches, we have developed a framework we call the Davon Method to guide you through a process that is designed to reveal a deep understanding of who you really are in romantic relationships to yourself and your partner and develop the skills needed to build, nurture and thrive in connection.

This transformative process is based on the 5 key elements of relationship, which will take you step by step into creating and sustaining a successful relationship, and the 4 practices to integrate and live this teaching in your day to day life.

The Five Elements of Relationship 


of your relationship patterns


with your deepest self


between the sexes


Dancing through the stages of relationship


of your sexual potential

The Four Practices


Psychological Inquiry

Body Practice

Sensual Practice

Programs and Participation

We offer several formats to share this process, so everyone can find what works best for them. The work applies equally whether you are single or in a committed relationship.


Erwan and Alicia Davon offer weekly group sessions currently held online. This program is designed to provide you with insight and tools to enhance your romantic life while developing a deep connection with the Erwan Davon Teachings community.


We offer regular public events that are easily accessible. We invite you to join us in a safe and respectful environment to explore, learn, and share. Check our events page for upcoming events.


Unleash your relationship potential. A 2 day online intimacy accelerator.  Join us on this extraordinary journey where you will reset your relationship blueprint, develop the skills necessary for each stage of romance, and create an exceptional sex life and exhilarating love life.


Deep virtual dive into Extended Orgasm. Our most practical course yet!


Individual Coaching with Erwan or Alicia Davon is designed for people who prefer personal support or live out of town. The goal is to develop and expand your romantic and sex life in person or remotely in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.


The Sensuality Expansion Program is the most advanced and intense program Erwan and Alicia Davon offer. In this private course, you will master having and bringing another person to unparalleled heights of sexual pleasure.


It is my privilege to have supported people for the last 25 years.  Growing up, I had a very challenging childhood being abandoned by my mother and growing up with a father who was medically incapacitated. I was in and out of therapy throughout my school years to even get to school. Nevertheless, it was an introduction to working with the mind and emotions fascinating enough to bring me to California to study psychology.

At the same time, I became very interested in personal growth and it being California, I took every progressive, exploratory, and provocative workshop, course and class I could.

I studied in a Zen Monastery, directed a yoga ashram, and began teaching personal development at one of the world’s largest personal growth organizations. My passion for helping and teaching led me to start Erwan Davon Teachings as a formal organization in 1995, specifically to help people improve their relationships.”


“After a deeply transformational experience in my early college days, I woke up from a loving yet sheltered upbringing into deep questions of path and purpose. I have since actively pursued my own personal growth, in spirit and in body exploring, learning and sharing a deep caring interest in women’s sexual and romantic satisfaction and joy.

My Master’s degree in Integral Psychology focused on women’s romantic and sensual expression and explored the power we as women have through the lens of relationship. I trained as a therapist and led numerous women’s groups devoted to female pleasure, relationship, and life before meeting Erwan, with whom I began teaching almost 20 years ago.

Together we have opened our personal path of discovery, learning and sharing our most intimate realizations and practices so that others may partake in the gems we have discovered.”


As a married couple, we offer both a feminine and masculine view on relationship throughout its evolution.

We love guiding our students along their journey from dating to relating together with a community of like-minded members who lend each other support and encouragement.

Since 1995 we have been the go-to place in the San Francisco Bay Area for romance, intimacy, sex support, growth, and exploration for both singles and couples.

Join us wherever you are, explore with us, build thrilling and thriving relationships.

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Thank you SO much. I loved the Pleasure Course and feel uniquely qualified to say it was the perfect place for me. I’m still high. I walk with and feel more energy. I feel turned on in unexpected moments lately and I feel like I am so much love to give. I feel clarity. Lots and lots of clarity. Thank you for your generosity, your expertise, the care offered the entire weekend and your love. Diane

E&A, we love you so much for guiding us through this process. Kels and I are more loving and intimate than I have ever experienced. And our sexing is totally off the charts. Thank you so much. Aaron

I acknowledge you both for creating the most sophisticated personal development organizations I’ve ever participated with, one that has had me emerge into greatness like I have never experienced and will continue to do so and share. Nicole

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