Winter time is coming! This is the time of year that can be super cozy, yummy and turned-on (with yourself, someone you are starting to date, or your relationship honey). Sometimes with the cold weather and all those clothes we wear, we can forget to be in touch with our bodies!

Here are some key skills for keeping your winter time hot with turn on and chemistry.


1. Both give & receive sensual attention

If you are in a relationship, offer sensual touch AND ask for it. Some say giving pleasure feels even better than receiving – test that theory! If you are single, give someone attention by giving them a compliment, maybe on that Zoom date you let them know you love the way their top fits them, or maybe you wink at someone in the store behind your mask 😉 OR, you can ask that Zoom date to tell you something they notice about you. Don’t be shy – giving and receiving is fun!


2. Stay healthy so you can enjoy yourself!

Obviously. But here are some simple things I regularly do to make sure I stay healthy. 1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night. I was really walking the line on this for months and was paying for it! Now, I put myself to bed with plenty of time to rest and drift into a healthy long night’s sleep. Yes, I sacrifice some (not all!) precious Netflix time- but something’s gotta give. 2. Drink herbal hot tea all day (in addition to whatever else I am drinking). Keeping your insides warm guards against sickness. There are more tips but those are 2 easy ones that once they become habits, directly affect your health and in turn, your sensual life!


3. Explore the magic of self-pleasure

For singles & couples alike, exploring your own body sensually, with plenty of heat in your room, lubricant, delicious scents, good lighting and sexy music, can infuse your life experience with chemistry. Enjoy that energy yourself or use it to turn someone else on after!
To keep things steamy this fall/winter season, Erwan & I are teaching an online class next week 12/9 that you don’t want to miss: Tantra & Sexual Energy – Everything you Want to Know…how singles & couples can supercharge their love lives. The biggest challenge we see for singles and couples alike is a lack of chemistry. The practices of Tantra and deliberately increasing your sexual energy can take care of that challenge and make your love life more fun and exciting, whether you have been together for years or you are on your first date! We will cover things like what to do with your sexual energy if you are single… and don’t want to waste it, and how to have extended states of orgasm and pleasure in ALL sex acts.
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